SONiC NOS based 24 x 10Gb SFP+,6 x 100Gb QSFP28, L3 Core/Leaf Switch for Enterprise and Data center

  • 24 – Port 10Gb SFP+ with 100Gb QSFP28 uplinks Core Switch
  • Core /Leaf(TOR)switch for enterprise networks and data center
  • Support MLAG,VXLAN, QoS,BFD,IPSG,IPV6,etc
  • A feature rich SONiC NOS installed

The Asterfusion CX206P-24S-M-H switch is equipped with 24 x 10Gb SFP+,6 x 100Gb/40Gb QSFP28 QSFP+ ports. It’s well suited for enterprise distribution and core, high bandwidth interconnection for video distribution and security. It can also be used as the cost-effective ToR switch for private cloud. This open network switch is preloaded with AsterNOS, a feature-rich and high-quality assured enterprise NOS distribution of SONiC which is a container-based application development and deployment makes the switch easy to expand new functionalities even by users. It supports complete Layer 3 IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols as well as functions such as VXLAN for virtual network expansion.

Asterfusion CX206P-24S-M-H :24-port 10G Ethernet layer3 Core/Leaf or TOR switch
24 x 10Gb SFP+ with 6 x 100Gb /40Gb QSFP28 QSFP+ Uplinks ,SONiC NOS

24 -Port 10Gb SFP+ with 6 x 100Gb/40Gb QSFP28 QSFP+ Uplinks

  • 10G/1G ports for access switch,servers
  • 40G/100G uplinks for core or spine switches.
The CX206P-24S-M-H switch can be deployed as a top- of- rack (ToR) or leaf switch supporting 10GbE to servers with 100GbE uplinks, each 100G QSFP28 port can be configured 40G as well as 4x 25GbE or 4x 10GbE via breakout cables.
24-port 10G Ethernet l3 Core/ Leaf or TOR (Top-of-Rack) switch

1+1 Hot Pluggable PSU:

PSUs can be removed without shutting down the system.

2+1 Hot Pluggable Built-in Fans:

Smart fans for superior cooling, reducing noise pollution.

Enterprise SONiC Distribution- AsterNOS based Core and leaf (TOR) Switch

Enabling simple, plug-and-play deployments,Asterfusion CX-M campus switch is delivered as an integrated, turnkey solution. It shipped with AsterNOS operating system, which is a feature-rich and high-quality enterprise NOS distribution of SONiC.

Compared with community SONiC, AsterNOS has made a lot of improvements in terms of ease of use, stability and feature enhancement, making open-source software ready to use in real production environments, which help to build a new generation of open cloud campus network for users.

A Muti-Feature SONiC NOS based 24-Port 10Gb SPF+ layer2/3 Switch

Support MLAG,VXLAN, QoS,BFD,IPSG,IPV6,etc.features

Layer2/layer3 Features

  • Static MAC / Dynamic MAC / MAC Aging& renewal/MAC flapping detection/802.1q VLAN/Voice VLAN /802.1Q in 802.1Q/STP / MSTP/Port mirroring based RX&TX direction/LLDP
  • Static ARP / Dynamic ARP / ARP Aging & renewal/ARP Proxy/NDP/SVI/IPv4, IPv6 Dual Stack/Static Routing/OSPFv2/ OSPFv3/ BGP4 / BGP4+/ ISIS/ECMP/IGMPv1/IGMPv2 /IGMPSnooping/Multicast/VLAN/VXLAN/Virtual Routing Forwarding/GRE:IPv4 over IPv4 / IPv6 over IPv6 / IPv4 over IPv6 / IPv6 over IPv4

Comprehensive Network Security

  • Suport  802.1x authentication/MAB (MAC Address Bypass)authentication/Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI), IP Source Guard (IPSG) for IPv4/IPv6, NDSnooping,Source Address Validation Improvements (SAVI),COPP Protection,etc.
  • Supports layer2  port isolation and ACL policies in Inband and Outband directions;
  • Supports DHCP Snooping,effectively prevents DoS-/TCP- related SYN Flood, UDP Flood, Broadcast Storm or large traffic attacks on campus networks.

High Reliability and Rich QOS

  • Support Static link aggregation/MLAG/ LACP/Load balancing based on SMAC,DMAC, SIP,DIP, SPORT,DPORT /Monitor link/ BFD
  • Support Priority Mapping based on 802.1P and DSCP, Inband and Outband traffic limiting, and queue scheduling based on PQ/DWRR.

    Easy Network Maintenance

    • Support console port/inband network ports/outband network port/USB port.
    • Support ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning)
    • Support CLI (Command Line Interface), web management, Telnet and FTP connection.
    • Support SNMPv1/v2/v3, SSH2.0, SSL and OAM.

    Innovative Energy-saving Design

    Asterfusion optimizes the switch in terms of noise and enery consumption.CX-M adopts ARM multi-core processor as the main control chip to reduce the power consumption, helps to build an open and green ethernet environment.

    Mature IPv6 Features

    This model has developed abilities on IPv6 features, including basic IPv6 functionalities, BGP and OSPF over IPv6, security functions over IPv6 and management functions over IPv6.

    Marvell Oceon TX CN9132 Network Performance (Single Core)

    CN913X Network Performance (Single Core)Packet rateThroughput
    DPDK L3FWD @ 64B
    VPP/DPDK L3FWD @ 64B
    VPP/DPDK L3FWD @256B
    DPDK IPSec @ iMix(353B)
    VPP/DPDK IPSec @512B
    VPP/DPDK IPSec @1472B

    Tech Specs


    440 × 515 × 44 mm

    Switch Chip

    Marvell Prestera DX8548

    Switch Capacity

    1.08T, 24 x 10GE SFP+, 6 x 100GE/40GE QSFP28/QSFP+

    Control CPU

    Marvell OcteonTX2 CN9130

    Physical Dimension

    19" 1RU

    Thermal Airflow


    What’s in the box

    • RJ45 Console Cable
    • Preloaded Enterprise SONiC Distribution-AsterNOS
    • 1RU Switch



    This model is backed by a 2 year limited hardware warranty. Multiple extended support options, including advanced replacement and 24×7 support services, are available. Contact us for complete details.


    This model  is backed by a 2 year limited hardware warranty. Multiple extended support options, including advanced replacement and 24×7 support services, are available. Contact us for complete details.


    What are the feature that your SONiC support?
    It built on top of standard Linux systems and with SONiC/SAI as its kernel is characterized by fully open structure, completely decoupled hardware and software, loosely unionized software modules, high reliability architecture, and easy functional expansion. It leverages the latest technologies such as containers and in-memory database.
    Does AsterNOS can run on other vendor’s hardware?
    Our SONiC based AsterNOS can perfect run on our own hardware, in theory it can run on other vendor’s Tofino based hardware, there wil be a problem on verifng the compatibility between our software and other vedor’s hardware,we can arrange a meeting call discuss specically. I strongly suggest you to use our own hardware, which supports the best software compatibility, tech support, hardware stability and of course very good cost.
    Is there any license fee or software support fee that we need to pay for your version of SONiC?

    Usually our AsterNOS runs on our own hardware (for Tofino and Teralynx), we provide either bare metal hardware, or hardware with AsterNOS, there is some amount of software cost if you choose H/W and S/W bundle, but this bundle should be more cost effective than today’s WhiteBox from one vendor and NOS from another vendor.

    Does AsterNOS Suport Intel,Broadcom?
    Our AsterNOS software support intel ,not Broadcom.
    What is the difference SONiC and P4, and also tell us the difference of your NOS and those similar.
    SONiC is used in most data center fabric as the basic OS, our software work on both innovium and marvell makes SONiC be able to run these switch chips smoothly, which is our value to help people who want to use innovated features on today’s new switch chip other than broadcom.
    P4 is another approach for today’s network disaggregation, it has pretty good usability in niche markets like gateway, load balance or NPB, in these market when people also want to be part of cloud eco system, they need a way to combine P4 with SONiC, that’s what we are doing, we help people to implement these applications in SONiC way.
    Is it easy for us to change and use the functions (Software) provided by Asterfusion, or to add functions related to the packet control and management function (OAM)?
    It depends on your application, in general you can easily start from either SDE or SONiC to all the functions about date plane and management plane.

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