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Enterprise Network Visibility Solution with Packet Broker

Enterprises operate in increasingly competitive domestic and global markets and have to continually evolve their IT services and networks to maintain their competitive advantage.

Network uptime and quality of service, network security and the speed and flexibility to deploy IT assets are capabilities required to help Enterprises retain existing customers, win new customers, manage their costs, protect data and shareholder value, achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, and respond quickly to changing business conditions.

Enterprises Network Visibility Sample

Enterprise Network Visibility Sample

The PX-T Network Visibility Platform

The PX-T Network Visibility Platform

Advantages of Our Solution

Eliminate Blind Spots

“Blind spots” refer to the inability to analyze the data between certain segments in a network, and may seem “hidden” to your monitoring tool and can compromise network performance and security. If a network expands without a proper visibility fabric in place, blind spots may become apparent.

Network TAPs are used to help IT teams easily monitor all network data. A network TAP is a purpose-built hardware device that allows you to access and monitor your network traffic by copying packets without impacting or compromising network integrity.

Network TAP
Burst Traffic Buffering

Burst Traffic Buffering

Network traffic often exhibits bursts, exceeding peak traffic by 2-3 times and characterized by unpredictable surges. This can lead to packet loss, especially in multi-link aggregation or single-interface output scenarios. Such losses can significantly disrupt the analysis of back-end service monitoring systems.

The PX308P-48Y-T has strong processing capability to deal with burst traffic and provides up to 192GB of shared message cache space to smooth burst traffic.

Line-Rate Packet Deduplication

Complete visibility of data center networks requires viewing traffic at multiple monitoring points. While this increases overall visibility, duplicate traffic can increase storage costs, overload network monitoring tools and adversely affect reporting. Traffic Deduplication improves monitoring tool efficiency, accuracy, and recording space requirements. This enables monitoring tools to provide greater visibility while lowering overall costs.

Unlike other solutions, deduplication is performed at line rate on any product in the PX-T family.

Line-Rate Packet Deduplication