Asterfusion :1G to 400G Bare Metal Switching Vendor 

Asterfusion is a leading white box switch vendor who offers one-stop open networking solution for 1G/10G/25G/100G/400G bare metal switches based on Marvell Teralynx, Intel Tofino and Marvell Octeon with SONiC based operating system for next generation data centers, campus and service providers.

Asterfusion promises to provide the most cost-effective service with transparent prices which make significant savings in CapEx and OpEx for network operators.

  • Low latency Cloud Switch
    Marvell Teralynx with SONiC TOR/Spine Switch
  • P4-Programmable Bare Metal Switch
    Intel Tofino with SONiC
  • Campus Access and Aggregation
    SONiC and Marvell ARM based layer2 /Layer3 switch
  • ARM64 Open Network Appliance
    A general open hardware platform integrates computing, storage, and networking
  • OpenSource NOS – SONiC
    Production-ready Enterprise SONiC Distribution

Starting to Explore Asterfusion Bare Metal Switching Open Network Solution

1G-400G Bare Metal Switches based on Teralynx,  Tofino and Marvell Octeon

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