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Asterfusion launches TIP OpenWiFi Cloud Controller AFC-CCN Cloud Controller

Product Overview

Asterfusion has revealed the AFC-CCN Cloud Controller, named the TIP OpenWiFi Cloud Controller, which aims to enhance your experience and assist you in driving innovation within your network. This lightweight open WiFi controller, developed by Asterfusion, provides centralized management and visibility to all TIP OpenWiFi devices in a cloud-based campus network. With its support for simple centralized network management functions and a user-friendly operation interface, the AFC-CCN Cloud Controller effectively simplifies daily network operation and maintenance workload, resulting in improved operation and maintenance efficiency. Moreover, it supports multiple TIP OpenWiFi hardware devices and software applications, enabling the commercialization and sustainable business model of TIP OpenWiFi to become a reality.

Asterfusion OpenWiFi Controller & Open Campus Network Switching

We are fully committed to assisting ISPs, MSPs, and operators by offering valuable solutions through our extensive range of Asterfusion OpenWiFi Controller & Open Campus Network Switching. Our solution encompasses a wide variety of OpenWiFi devices and highly adaptable CloudSDK controllers, providing you with unparalleled flexibility and customization capabilities. We acknowledge the significance of avoiding dependency on a single vendor and provide a cost-effective approach that empowers you to create your own distinct business services and optimize your investments. Our dedicated team of Asterfusion OpenWiFi experts, is always available to lend their support, ensuring a seamless experience and assisting you in fostering innovation within your network.

Multiple CloudSDK Controllers

The Asterfusion OpenWiFi solution offers a wide range of OpenWiFi devices, complemented by a multitude of CloudSDK controllers, specially designed to cater to various networking needs.
OpenLAN Switching

Asterfusion provides an enterprise network switch that supports the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) OpenLAN Switching (OLS). With OLS, IT professionals can benefit from a competitive and innovative solution for their wiring closet switching requirements, empowering them with greater network deployment options.

AFC-CCN Open Wifi Controller: Streamlined Software Architecture with Distributed Computing

The AFC-CCN stands out from traditional SDN network controllers by implementing a distributed computing approach where complex network control tasks are broken down and assigned to individual switches. This allows the controller to focus on providing simple centralized management functions like status viewing and configuration management. AFC-CCN not only meets the requirements of network O&M management but also offers a lightweight software framework and streamlined features, greatly reducing the learning curve for O&M personnel.

AFC-CCN Open Wifi Controller: Real-Time Network Monitoring from Every Angle

AFC-CCN takes network status monitoring to a whole new level by providing real-time monitoring from multiple angles. It tracks device online status, device running time, port sending and receiving traffic statistics, as well as device traffic throughput ranking. Additionally, AFC-CCN supports administrators with real-time monitoring of system containers, including CPU/memory usage, power supply/fan operating status, and operating temperature of key components. By calculating the overall health value of each device, AFC-CCN offers an intuitive understanding of the network’s health status.

AFC-CCN: Empowering O&M Personnel with Remote Device Management

AFC-CCN offers O&M personnel a range of powerful remote operation and management functions for handling devices. It allows for the creation of default profile templates based on the device model and automatically delivers these profiles when the devices are connected online. Additionally, AFC-CCN supports online viewing, import, and export of device profiles, as well as remote execution of commands or command sets for online devices. You can easily create, delete, and edit command sets as needed. Moreover, AFC-CCN facilitates remote device reboot, factory reset, packet capture, and console connection.

AFC-CCN:Network Topology Auto-discovery

AFC-CCN enables automatic discovery of links between devices in a network, simplifying the process of building network topologies. By simply moving the mouse cursor over a device or link, you can instantly view basic connection information such as hostname, software version, interconnection interface, IP address, and MAC address.

AFC-CCN: Flexible Deployment for Simplified Network Management

AFC-CCN caters to various deployment needs through its flexible deployment methods. It can be deployed on general-purpose Linux servers or seamlessly integrated as a built-in container within the network operating system of CX-M series cloud campus switches. This versatility simplifies deployment procedures and reduces hardware investment.

Highlight Features

Lightweight Software Architecture

Compared with traditional SDN network controllers, the biggest feature of AFC-CCN is that complex network control plane tasks are decomposed into each switch for distributed computing, while the controller only needs to support simple centralized management functions such as status viewing and configuration management. While meeting the requirements of network O&M management, AFC-CCN ensures a lightweight software framework and a streamlined feature set, greatly reducing the difficulty for O&M personnel to get started.

Multi-dimensional Network Status Monitoring

AFC-CCN monitors the network operation status in real time from multiple dimensions, such as device online status, device running time, port sending and receiving traffic statistics, and device traffic throughput ranking. AFC-CCN also supports real-time monitoring of the operating status of each container of the system, CPU/memory usage, power supply/fan operating status, operating temperature of key components and other information, and calculates the comprehensive health value of the device, which is convenient for administrators to intuitively understand the health status of the devices in the whole network.

Remote Operation and Management

AFC-CCN provides O&M personnel with rich remote operation and management functions for devices, supports pre-creation of default profile templates based on device model, and automatically delivers profiles when devices come online. Support online viewing, import and export of device profile; Support remote execution of commands or command sets for online devices, command sets can be pre-created, deleted and edited; Supports remote device reboot, factory reset, packet capture, and console connection.

Network Topology Auto-discovery

AFC-CCN supports discovering links between devices in a network and building network topologies automatically. When the mouse cursor is moved to the device or link, basic connection information such as hostname, software version, interconnection interface, IP address, and MAC address can be automatically displayed.

Flexible Deployment Method

AFC-CCN supports flexible deployment methods, which can be deployed on generalpurpose Linux servers or integrated as a built-in container in the network operating system of CX-M series cloud campus switches, simplifying deployment and saving hardware investment.

Specifications List

Network OverviewMulti-dimensional StatisticsCount number of devices based on online status, health value, running time, memory usage and device model
Transmit Rate StatisticsShow transmit rate top10 in both irections of sending and receiving
Operation StatisticsCount the number of operation commands issued by the controller to connected devices, such as restarting, flashing positioning lights, and connecting consoles
Network TopologyDiscover the links and build the network topology automatically
Show basic information like device name, version, interconnection, IP, and MAC in the topology
Device ManagementBasic InformationShow basic information like online status, device name, model, IP, MAC, and software version
Running StatusShow running status information like running time, interface/device traffic load, CPU/memory load, power/fan status, and temperature
Health CheckMonitor the hardware and software status in real-time, and calculate the health value of the online devices
Remote OperationRemotely reboot the device, capture packets, blink the light, factory reset or connect the console
Remotely execute commands or command sets. Command sets can be created, deleted, and edited in advance
Profile ManagementCreate default profile template for different device models, devices can get the initial profile when come online.
Support checking running profile of online devices, importing or exporting the profile

New Features

Primary FunctionDetails
Synchronize OpenWiFi community v2.10 version features[WIFI-12525] 2.10 Framework updates
File configuration management enhancmentSupport batch configuration of device configuration files
Support device configuration file acquisition, viewing, comparison, editing, and distribution
Support device differential processing configuration files
Support the function of setting the priority of the default configuration file, and send the configuration file according to the priority
Equipment operation command function enhancmentrtty supports vrf
Support batch operation commands (flashing positioning lights, restarting, restoring factory, capturing packets, executing scripts)
Support device configuration file save command
The tcpdump function, the enhancement of the command of the packet capture function, such as the interface, the direction of inbound and outbound, etc.
Support batch uploading of device system installation packages and batch upgrades
Operation and maintenance function enhancementSupport device log file management (support viewing, batch download)
Support viewing terminal online status (AP), online and offline history
Support alarm function (monitor CPU, memory, disk, peripherals, key service running status)
Support email notification function
WEBUI interface optimizationOptimize device list and device details page
Topology management WEBUI function optimization

Deployment Environment

HardwareCPU>=4 cores
Hard Disk>=64GB
Network Card>=1x1G RJ45
SoftwareKernel VersionUbuntu 18.04 LTS or above
Container VersionDocker 20 or above
BrowserChrome is recommended, 114.0.5735.199 or above