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Asterfusion Enterprise SONiC Dstribution based 1G to 800Gbps Bare Metal Switches Product

Asterfusion is a leading white box switch vendor who offers one-stop open networking solution for 1G/10G/25G/100G/400G/800Gbps bare metal switches based on Marvell Teralynx/Octeon/Prestera, Intel Tofino and Broadcom with our enterprise SONiC based operating system for next generation data centers, campus and service providers.

Asterfusion promises to provide the most cost-effective service with transparent prices which make significant savings in CapEx and OpEx for network operators.

The suite of platforms offers a variety of connection options for user desktops, POE appliances and IoT devices, which fulfill different deployment requirements from Small/medium business users, enterprises to carrier-level service providers.

Our full series bare metal switches powered by
Enterprise SONiC Distribution

• A ready-to-use Enterprise SONiC Distribution for campus and data centers
• One stop support for full software stack plus hardware
• A feature rich SONiC software support multiple merchant switching silicon platforms