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Enterprise Ready SONiC NOS

Open Source
Easy to Use 

Asterfusion Enterprise SONiC Distribution

  • A ready-to-use Enterprise SONiC Distribution for both campus and data centers
  • One stop support for full software stack plus hardware
  • A feature rich SONiC software support multiple merchant switching silicon platforms

Why Asterfusion Enterprise SONiC NOS – AsterNOS ?


AsterNOS provides turnkey solution, has more advanced features than community version


Compared to community version with half-year version, AsterNOS has faster response, we doquarterly Version Release


More than 100 specialized technicians, a strong R&D team with flexible and comprehensive service support abilities


AsterNOS  provides Klish CLI, REST API and unified op-style across multiple ASIC vendors – all while enjoying stable performance at cost-effective rates.


Asterfsuion SONiC OS operates flawlessly on Marvell Prestera, Teralynx, Intel Tofino, and Nvidia platforms. This highlights our value in assisting those who wish to utilize innovative features on modern switch chips beyond Broadcom.
Embracing ARM architecture is a key technical milestone for Asterfusion. As a growing number of applications adopt ARM, we strive to fulfill the diverse performance, power consumption, and pricing needs of users. Tailored for optimization, AsterNOS now runs smoothly on entry-level ARM cores like A53.


An enterprise-ready SONiC distribution for both campus and data center networks.


In-service software upgrade & customized application containers for CI/CD DevOps.


A feature-rich network OS supporting top merchant switching silicons.


A strong R&D team providing the around-clock supports to customers’ technical needs.

Based on
Standard Linux SONiC and SAI

SONiC and its associated SAI (Switch Abstraction Interface) are open source projects that have flourished in open cloud networking field in recent years. They are built on top of standard Linux systems and leverage the latest technologies such as containers and in-memory database.

AsterNOS built with SONiC as its kernel benefits from its open architecture, modular design, high reliability, and flexibility to expand new features in control plane.

Programmable Interface

AsterNOS provide RESTful API as first order management interface for all its functionalities as well as legacy CLI interface. By using the RESTful API, the switch systems can be fully controlled and managed by northbound controllers or any newly developed applications.

Asterfusion  SONiC NOS Runs on Reliable and Well-supported Platforms 

Asterfsuion provides reliable and well-supported platforms that are compatible with SONiC. These platforms cover a wide range of bandwidth options, allowing you to choose from different Switch Abstraction Interfaces (SAIs) ranging from 1G to 400G. Whether you require leaf switches or super-spine layer switches, Asterfsuion has you covered with their support for SONiC across the entire spectrum of platform bandwidths.





Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

When deploy switches with AsterNOS alongside Asteria Network Controller (AFC), cloud administrators can centralized manage and control all the switch units in the Leaf-Spine topology as a single virtual switch.

When using standalone, AFC provides AsterNOS zero touch deployment, network topology discovery, one-click underlay and overlay service configuration, trouble shooting, and etc.

When integration with cloud controller, AFC works as OpenStack neutron plugin so that OpenStack compatible management stack will manage all the switches in the same context as computing and storage being managed.

Underlay & Overlay Features

Underlay & Overlay Features

Asterfusion SONiC NOS support EVPN-Mutihoming,EVPN-VXLAN

  • AsterNOS supports L2 and L3 switching, multiple routing protocols, MC-LAG and virtualisation functions, advanced QOS, etc.
  • AsterNOS implements EVPN-VXLAN, which expands the potential number of Layer 2 domains and realizes services such as multi-tenant hosting and virtual machine migration.
  • AsterNOS implements EVPN Multihoming on the CX-N series, allowing users to connect to the data centre network using multiple physical links from different switches, improving network performance, simplifying management, and increasing availability and flexibility.

Asterfusion Enterprise SONiC NOS and SONiC-based whitebox switches’ Support and Service

Asterfusion offers excellent service and support to assist customers in adopting both Enterprise SONiC (AsterNOS) and Community SONiC on our 1G-400G switches. With our professional services and support, operators can easily build a SONiC deployment for their applications and take their open networking to the next level. Asterfusion Wuhan’s SONiC expert has organized a dedicated support team to handle customer inquiries and provide assistance.
We have also created a comprehensive Knowledge Base with answers to past questions on open firmware, available for download.

Hardware Support

  • Enjoy 2 years of free hardware maintenance for high quality repairs & reliable spare parts.
  • Benefit from our advance RMA & professional support in spare parts dimensioning.

Software Support

  • Enjoy AsterNOS permanent perpetual license.
  • Recieve 1 year of free feature upgrade support & ongoing software maintenance .
  • Customize features according to customers’needs 

Portability Deployment

  • Experience a seamless transition with our readiness assessment and expert project management.
  • Our team of remote deployment assistants and technical assistants will ensure a smooth deployment.

An article Let You Know about our Enterprise SONiC Distribution “AsterNOS”

Further know about Asterfusion SONiC network Operating System”AsterNOS”​


This appliance file is a virtualized version of AsterNOS and is intended to be used only to experience the basic functionality and industry standard CLI (Klish), not for official software testing. 
How to install
  • Download vAsterNOS image files below
  • Import the .gns3a file in GNS3.(
For more information about AsterNOS commercial version, please feel free to contact us via website live chat or Email:
Notice: We cannot guarantee that the latest version of AsterNOS and all features will be synchronized to vAsterNOS in time. Given the differences between the GNS3 virtualization emulation software and real commercial switching chips, we cannot guarantee that all software features of vAsterNOS running on the GNS3 platform will work properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What the feature that Asterfusion SONiC NOS support?

It built on top of standard Linux systems and with SONiC/SAI as its kernel is characterized by fully open structure, completely decoupled hardware and software, loosely unionized software modules, high reliability architecture, and easy functional expansion. It leverages the latest technologies such as containers and in-memory database.

How Asterfusion SONiC NOS is differ from SONiC Community ?

Firstly ,AsterNOS is a commercial SONiC NOS compare to native SONiC , which means  AsterNOS it’s ready to use version for enterprises,especially we have optimized and upgraded network virtualization functions (Overlay Network), such as VXLAN & BGP-EVPN.

How your AsterNOS is differ from other SONiC Software?

AsterNOS work on both Teralynx, Intel Tofino and Marvell. Making SONiC be able to run these switch chips smoothly, which is our value to help people who want to use innovated features on today’s new switch chip other than broadcom.

Is it easy for us to change and use the software functions or to add functions related to the packet control and management function ?

It depends on your application, in general you can easily start from either SDE or SONiC to all the functions about data plane and management plane.

What is the scope of the software source code that can be distributed and the source code that cannot be provided?

SONiC community source code and our patch are available as source code.

Does Asterfusion SONiC NOS support EVPN-VXLAN, VXLAN and MC LAG ?

Yes,Our AsterNOS fully support EVPN-VXLAN, VXLAN and MC-LAG

Will you provide source-code access and does there exist a Git repository for AsterNOS?

AsterNOS has quite a lot of enterprise grade features, currently we don’t provide full source code access, but we can provide SONiC community version code with binary only ASIC vendor’s driver. The quality of community may or may not as good as an out-of-box product.

Does AsterNOS can run on other vendor’s hardware?

Our SONiC based AsterNOS can perfect run on our own hardware, in theory it can run on other vendor’s  hardware, there will be a problem on verify the compatibility,we can arrange a meeting call discuss specially. We strongly suggest you to use our own hardware, which supports the best software compatibility, tech support, hardware stability and of course very cost-effective price

Is there any license fee or software support fee that we need to pay for Asterfusion SONiC?

Usually our AsterNOS runs on our own hardware (for Teralynx ,Tofino and Marvell) we provide either bare metal hardware, or hardware with AsterNOS, there is some amount of software cost if you choose H/W and S/W bundle, but this bundle should be more cost effective than today’s White box and NOS from another vendor.

What is the difference SONiC and P4, and also tell us the difference of your NOS and those similar.

SONiC is used in most data center fabric as the basic OS, our software work on both Teralynx ,Tofino Marvell makes SONiC be able to run these switch chips smoothly, which is our value to help people who want to use innovated features on today’s new switch chip other than broadcom.
P4 is another approach for today’s network disaggregation, it has pretty good usability in niche markets like gateway, load balance or NPB, in these market when people also want to be part of cloud eco system, they need a way to combine P4 with SONiC, that’s what we are doing, we help people to implement these applications in SONiC way.

What is your SONiC software upgrade Service Support?

Asterfusion offers a perpetual software license, we will provide bug fixing and security patch all life long.For example, if you buy version 3.1 with the shipment, you will get all the upgrades 3.x  unless there would be an EOL of version 3.x  . Suppose we release 4.0 in the coming 1 year, you can also get free upgrade from 3.1 to 4.0, and get 4.x upgrades in free.