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ARM64 Open Network Appliance
A general open hardware platform integrates computing, storage, and networking

Marvell OCTEON TX ARM64 Network Platforms Designed For Intelligent Networking, IT Security, Edge Computing & Servers

Asterfusion Marvell OCTEON TX2 family-based ARM64 network devices offer significantly higher performance and lower power consumption, with high-bandwidth and low-latency open-network solutions. Our ARM64 architecture can run a variety of applications, such as firewalls, gateways, SD-WANs, CPEs and concentrators, SmartNICs, and DPI tools and more. Asterfusion also provides a standard Linux operating system with a DPDK VPP software package.

ARM servers are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their processing power that’s equivalent to x86 servers, yet with lower cost, power consumption, and footprint.

Marvell OCTEON TX based ARM64 open network appliances are making it easier than ever for enterprises to take advantage of intelligent networking, IT security, edge computing, and server capabilities with 5G.

Marvell Octeon TX based Muti-core ARM64 Open Network Appliance and SmartNiC

  • Equipped with Marvell Octeon CN9132, ET1600 is well-positioned to support SDN/NFV solutions, and a wealth of other use cases such as access point, hardware firewall, security gateway, edge gateway ,VPN, probe, arm server,etc.
  • Marvell Octeon CN9670-based ET3000A series are a powerful 24-core/48-core ARM64  open network platform with high density ports which typically deployed in wireless infrastructure and network devices, including edge routers and switches, network monitoring, hardware firewalls, security gateway.
  • Asterfusion SmartNIC (Helium) also based on Marvell Octeon CN9670 which contains 24 -core high-performance ARM processor along with multiple integrated hardware-acceleration co-processors. It is an ideal programmable adapter card for accelerating workloads of data center, cloud, Web2.0, security and storage scenarios. Asterfusion SmartNIC helps users to accelerate and offload data center’s infrastructure workloads while building high-performance intelligent programmable networks.
Combination of Helium DPU Card and Open Source Projects – A Solution to Container Clouds in 5G Era