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Open Campus Network Switch:Marvell ARM64 with Open Source SONiC NOS

Asterfusion’s Marvell ARM64+SONiC delivers an open, flexible, credible and cost-effective access and aggregation network for enterprises and SMBs.

Can cost-effective switches used in small-scale networks and campus access be deployed with a feature-rich SONiC NOS? The answer is YES!Actually, the answer is more than YES!

Campus Access and Aggregation switch With Asterfusion Enterprise SONiC Distribution

For the first time, Asterfusion combines Marvell ARM64 and SONiC to show campus switches with commercial SONiC is a smart and cost -effective option.

These open network switches are preloaded with a feature-rich SONiC NOS ( AsterNOS ) which is a container-based application deployment . It makes the switch easy to expand new functionalities even by users. It supports wire-speed Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing with MC-LAG feature, comprehensive QoS, advanced security and complete network management .

High Density Ports with Low Power Consumption

In addition, it offers high density ports with 1G/10/25G downlink ,25G/100 Gbps unlink with low power consumption , offering a high price–performance ratio .

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