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Enterprise SONiC Distribution based Layer2/3 Enterprise Switches

AsterNOS is the earliest commercial SONiC NOS on the market to support enterprise access& aggregation Layer 2/3 network switches. Asterfusion is Expanding its SONiC portfolio by introducing CX-M switch platforms, tailored for campus network deployments!

Why choose Asterfusion SONiC NOS-based enterprise Layer2/3 switch?


AsterNOS is the first commercially available SONiC NOS, supporting both Access and Aggregation Layer 2/3 switches. With quarterly feature upgrades and a user-friendly CLI, AsterNOS surpasses the community. Marvell AC5X+SONiC provides a unique proposition in the access switch market.


We offer 1G copper/2.5/10/25G/100G ports, along with 16/24/48-port Gigabit POE options with power budgets ranging from 370W-1480W. Support both POE+ (802.3at) and 60W PoE++ (802.3bt) standard. Using our leaf spine architecture with 3-5 SKUs, enables seamless three-layer networking for a wide range of users, from small to large scale.


OpenWiFi Compatible Controller to manage switches and AP. Combine open LAN switching with open source SONiC to empower your network, from wireless to campus access.


Get a full layer 3 switch at the cost of a Layer 2 switch. Experience rich L 2 and L3 features, including VXLAN, McLag, and BGP-EVPN and other advancing features.

Layer2/3 Open Access & Aggregation Network Switches -Enterprise SONiC Distribution Preload

Asterfusion SONiC based Cloud Campus Network Architecture

Asterfsuion enterprise network topology
  • Scale-out spine-leaf architecture with all box switches. Using CX-M series as leaf/spine switches and CX-N series as spine/fabric switches, access users can reach 100k+.
  • All layer-3 design eliminates broadcast storm issue, and each terminal is naturally layer 2 isolated from each other by default.
  • Converged wired and wireless access and wireless users roaming without any interruption.
  • Single profile template for all leaf switches, simplified delivery with ZTP.

Asterfusion Open Lan Switching & Open Campus Network Switching

We are fully committed to assisting ISPs, MSPs, and operators by offering valuable solutions through our extensive range of Asterfusion OpenWiFi Controller & Open Campus Network Switching. Our solution encompasses a wide variety of OpenWiFi devices and highly adaptable CloudSDK controllers, providing you with unparalleled flexibility and customization capabilities. We acknowledge the significance of avoiding dependency on a single vendor and provide a cost-effective approach that empowers you to create your own distinct business services and optimize your investments. Our dedicated team of Asterfusion OpenWiFi experts, is always available to lend their support, ensuring a seamless experience and assisting you in fostering innovation within your network.