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P4-Programmable Bare Metal Switch
Intel Tofino with SONiC

Starting Explore Our Intel Tofino P4 Programmable Network Switches

Asterfusion offers 3.3Tbps-12.8 Tbps programmable network switches based on Intel tofino which are well-suited for Leaf/Spine fabric as well as smart gateway of data centers, enterprises, and cloud service providers’ network deployments. Asterfusion X-T series is unique P4 switch which designed to combine high performance L2~L4 switching programmability and extensible stateful processing power from DPU for the first time in network history.

When P4 meets DPU

Barefoot Tofino switching silicon plus 800G data path connection with Marvell OcteonTX 9/10 DPU,Asterfusion combines P4 based data path on tofino switch and DPDK based traffic processing on ARM64 DPU to provide large stateful table for load balance, NAT and NVME over fabric applications.

Software Choices of Asterfusion Barefoot Tofino P4 Programmable Bare Metal Switches

Special Discounts for Academic & Research Program

This model is a part of Asterfusion ‘s P4 programmable switch for Academia and Research program. Please email to us for discounted price before ordering.