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Live Video Streaming Network Solution


To provide streaming services with high quality and low latency, service providers maintain a quantity of points of presence (PoPs), several data centers and a backbone network for stream ingesting, transcoding and distribution.

Data Center Design

Data centers host the resources to provide computationally intensive business, like video transcoding. After that, content will be distributed to PoPs or CDNs, or saved in local or remote storage. A typical streaming data center is designed to separate the storage and business network, which hold different unicast or multicast traffic. Asterfusion CX-N series switches based on Marvell ASIC with low latency and sufficient bandwidth can build both storage and business network with Leaf-Spine architecture.

Data Center Interconnection

Backbone network can be a WAN or MPLS-based network, usually without multicast capabilities. Large scale NAT capacity is needed in the gateway to realize unicast NAT, multicast NAT, or multicast-to-unicast NAT, which is also called multicast service reflection. Asterfusion X-T series switches with P4 programmable capability provide the possibility to meet different demands on border gateways.

Marvell-based Leaf-Spine

Marvell ASIC for ultra low latency from 25G to 400G, large multicast scale for media processing.

Class C PTP Support

Optional PTP module on all hardwares with 1588v2 and syncE, providing 10ns level time accuracy.

P4 Programmable Gateway

Intel Tofino-based border gateway, up to 150K NAT sessions with multicast service reflection capabilities.