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Low Latency Data Center Switch

Asterfusion offers 2 Tbps -12.8 Tbps data centers’ leaf and spine switch based on Teralynx and Prestera (Falcon)chip, it preloaded with SONiC enterprise distribution which provides users a simple, plug-and-play deployment and turnkey solution.

Why Asterfusion Enterprise SONiC Distribution based Data Center Switches?


This series is preloaded with AsterNOS, a feature-rich and high-quality assured enterprise NOS distribution of SONiC. Compared to the community version, the commercial SONiC-based AsterNOS offers more comprehensive features and user-friendliness.


The Asterfusion CX-N offers industry-leading low latency switching capabilities as low as ~400ns in most application scenarios.


Asterfusion delivers an all-in-one turnkey solution by offering an extensive selection of SONiC-based open data center switches, ranging from 10/25/40/100/400G .These switches have more advanced features than the community version and ensure smooth operation without compatibility or interoperability concerns.


Asterfusion, a rising star in white box manufacturing, offers unbeatable pricing. We focus on delivering high-performance products at affordable prices. Join us to reduce your network equipment costs and operating expenses.

Asterfusion Enterprise SONiC NOS Based Low Latency Data Center Switches from 2Tbps to 51.2Tbps

Asterfusion provides robust and reliable SONiC-based solutions, meticulously tested and hardened to guarantee seamless deployment on the full series of our open networking switches. Our commercial offering, AsterNOS, elevates the SONiC experience by delivering more extensive features and superior user-friendliness compared to the community version. Above all, we at Asterfusion are committed to flexibly crafting and developing the software functions you need, ensuring a tailored solution that meets your specific requirements.

Leading Performance/$ and Performance/W

  • The largest on-chip buffer among similar switches, providing first-class microburst elimination.
  • Robust tunneling features with VXLAN/MPLS.
  • Powerful QoS features for RoCEv2/RDMA, easy to use with both CLI and RESTful API.
  • Superior to traditional chips for table sizes & ACLs required for cloud and edge.
  • Comprehensive In-band Network Telemetry (INT) detects network failure and identifies which and why packet drop.
  • Centralized SDN Controller, turning clusters of switches into a single virtual fabric.
  • Support EVPN Mutihoming for network redundancy and high availability.

Highest Scale and Radix Solutions

  • Up 64x 200G or 32x 400GbE.
  • Up to 51.2T switch capacity.(Available at Q3 of 2024)

Programmability Features

  • Supporting new protocols programmability.
  • No impact on latency & throughput.

Why Asterfusion choose Marvell Teralynx for the leaf and spine architecture?

The only reliable silicon diversity choice from 2T- 51.2T ,with Industry-leading low Latency, leading analytics, programmability, comprehensive features.

Asterfusion Leaf and Spine Topology for Data Center or CORD

Asterfusion Leaf and Spine Topology for Data Center or CORD
  • Leaf and spine architecture can effortlessly scale from a few racks with L2 fabric to thousands of racks with L3 fabric.
  • The Asterfusion open network switches offer a wide range of choices for server connections, including 1G, 10G, 25G, 100G, as well as spine network options like 10G, 40G, 100G, and even 400G.
  • To enhance the network underlay, the folded CLOS fabric provides robust support for SDN, virtualization, and cloud orchestration software alternatives.