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An Article to learn about Asterfusion® AFC SDN Cloud Network Controller

written by Asterfuison

October 13, 2021

Asterfusion follows the SDN design philosophy, fully embraces the strategy of fully open networks and high-performance cloud data centers, and launched the Asteria Fabric Controller (AFC) SDN cloud network controller.

AFC Northbound provides a standard REST API interface to realize seamless integration with the mainstream cloud management platform like OpenStack. Meanwhile, achieving rich network functions expansion by providing a north-south bidirectional interface.

Through interaction with the cloud management platform, it can realize intelligent control and automatic configuration of network equipment for cloud network convergence and various vertical-industry cloud data center applications.

  • Seamless integration with third-party cloud management platforms

Asterfusion® AFC can seamlessly integrate with mainstream cloud management platforms (such as OpenStack and VMware). It can work with cloud management platforms to configure, control, operate and maintain Underlay and Overlay networks. For network function expansion, it can also allow customers to apply and run various applications for different network service requirements. At the same time, Asterfusion® AFC can provide automatic network service deployment and maintenance through visual graphical user interface.

  • Versatile Network Fabric Architecture

Asterfusion® AFC can support various networking fabric architectures and provide flexible network deployments by concurrently supporting 3 different computing service types, including traditional bare metal servers (BMS), Virtual Machine (VM), and Container. Asterfusion® AFC supports network convergence between these 3 different service types and, hence providing customers stable and efficient production network environments.

  • Multi-dimensional network operation and maintenance monitoring

Asterfusion® AFC can monitor network status in multiple dimensions and support multiple alarm mechanisms with user-defined configuration of various alarm thresholds; It can rapidly locate faulty devices by collecting comprehensive alarm information on equipment resources, applications and services and, hence reducing users’ OAM management risks and improving failure handling efficiency.

  • Automatic Service Deployment

Asterfusion® AFC can based on users’ configured functional requirements to intelligently analyze the distribution of devices and link connections in various network topologies; At the same time, it can auto-generate device configuration information for different deployment scenarios and distribute configuration information to the devices and, thus reducing device configuration complexity and accelerating the cycle of user service going-online.

Underlay Automation: Building a Layer2/3 Network Foundation Quickly
Overlay Automation:Providing an intellisense network

AFC is an important part of the software-defined cloud data center (SDDC) solution launched by Asterfusion. It can be widely used in private clouds, public clouds, enterprises networks and data centers,etc. which provides customers with a fully open, high-performance network platform.

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