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Asterfusion SONiC based 32 x 400G QSFP-DD Data Center Switch Overview

written by Asterfuison

August 8, 2023

As the world of AI, machine learning, and deep learning accelerates, the need for low-latency storage networks and high-performance AIGC computing networks is skyrocketing. This has led to an increasing demand for powerful switches that provide large bandwidth and low-latency. Data centers everywhere are gearing up for the arrival of 400G switches.

400G network promises to address the pressing requirement for fiber optic connectivity with following benefits:

  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Reduced cost-per-bit
  • Smaller footprints.
  • Decreased failure points

Join us today as we explore the ins and outs of Asterfusion’s remarkable 32x400G switch CX732Q-N through a detailed teardown. Boasting a sleek design coupled with high performance, the Asterfusion 400G switch is arguably the best-value-for-money 32x400G switch available at the global market!

So, let’s dive in and uncover what makes this switch the best price/performance ratio!

01 Asterfusion 32-port 400G Switch CX732Q-N External Hardware Overview

On the front panel, you’ll find an impressive 32 x 400G ports (QSFP-DD) that also support multiple speeds, including 10G/25G/40G/100G/200G. This versatile setup ensures a seamless transition from your existing 25GE/40GE network to advanced 100GE/400GE, safeguarding your previous investments.

Asterfusion 32-port 400G Switch CX732Q-N
Asterfusion CX732Q-N 400G switch

The CX732Q-N provides a MGMT RJ45, a USB2.0, and a RJ45 console interface. As you can see, there are 4 LED indicators here. From top to bottom, they correspond to the status of the 2 PSUs (P1, P2) and the fans (F), and the last one is used to locate the device (L).

Asterfusion 32-port 400G Switch CX732Q-N
400G switch

Take note of an exceptional feature: the Asterfusion CX732Q-N supplies two extra 10G SFP+ ports dedicated to enhanced management functions like in-band network telemetry (INT). This consideration is vital, as each port on a 400G switch bears a considerable workload. Should any problems arise, their impact is significantly amplified—demanding more meticulous real-time traffic monitoring.

More about in-band network telemetry can be found in the following article:

On the rear of the unit, there are 6 fans (5+1 redundancy) which are, of course, hot-swappable. Both sides have a hot-swappable PSU(1000W 80Plus Platinum).

02 Asterfusion 32 x QSFP-DD Switch Internal Hardware Overview

Now, let’s take the top cover off and delve into the inner workings of this superbly designed switch hardware. You’ll quickly notice a compact, elegant and sleek framework within this powerhouse device.

Asterfusion 32-port 400G Switch CX732Q-N internal hardware

First and foremost, feast your eyes on the captivating ASIC module nestled at the front and center of the box, right below the black windshield.

It powered by none other than the Marvell Teralynx 7, which delivers unparalleled performance, featuring large buffers and exceptional analytics through fine-grain telemetry. It exhibits the industry’s best power efficiency in terms of performance per watt. Additionally, it boasts very low latency, making it a top choice in terms of switch performance.

You’ll soon witness the low latency test results for devices boasting the TL7 chip at the end of articel.

Asterfusion SONiC based 32 x 400G QSFP-DD using marvell teralynx

Now, let’s talk about the ingenious Vapor Chamber technology for ASIC cooling. As you can see, that black windshield tightly embracing the heatsink’s top does more than just look good – it directs airflow with purpose, forcing it to exit through the heatsink for top-notch cooling efficiency.

Oh, and don’t miss that airflow design (lower-left figure) inside the box. It cleverly separates the PSU and chip areas. Right next to that ASIC module, you’ve got your 400G QSFP-DD cages sporting their own heatsinks up top.

Thanks to this stellar thermal setup, there’s no need to cram in extra fans to keep temperatures in check. Our engineers believe that 6 fan modules can meet the overall heat dissipation requirements. Remember – fewer components often translate to lower power consumption and cost.

Finally, cast your eyes on that exposed CPLD on the fan control PCB, which is used to monitor the fan and auto-adjusts the fan speed according to the temperature changes. This reduces energy consumption even further.

We can also see the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) in the picture. Also following the concept of minimalist and sleek design, this 400G switch does not require an additional card for this purpose – the functionality is integrated directly into the baseboard ( “On-board BMC”), thus reducing the incidence of switch hardware failures.

03 Asterfusion 32 x 400G QSFP-DD Data center Switch Software Overview

Asterfusion’s CX-N series switches all come with the enterprise SONiC distribution- AsterNOS. we are committed to making the best SONiC enterprise version on the market!

  • As an enterprise distribution, AsterNOS provides turnkey solution for customers, so it has much more advanced features than community SONiC, like EVPN Multi-homing, RoCEv2,Ansible ….
  • Compared to half-year version release of SONiC community, AsterNOS has version release each quarter, and patch versions even more frequent. A customer requirements will get faster response.
  • We have more than 100 developers, who can provide very professional and flexible service supports such as customized feature development for our customers
  • We also take efforts for user experiences. Besides Linux style bash CLI, we developed Cisco-style CLI based on Klish, which helps the network engineers to learn our products more smoothly.

Appendix: Asterfusion 400G Low Latency Data Center Switch (TL7) Test Data

Test results: Average single-hop delay ~500ns with interface FEC (Forward Error Correction) enabled.

Asterfusion 32-port 400G switch ASIC test data

Average single-hop delay ~400ns with interface FEC turned off.

Asterfusion 32-port 400G switch ASIC test data

This is the end of our 400G data center switch introduction today!

In essence,by embracing minimalism and energy-efficiency,this switch has achieved exceptional performance.It comes preloaded with enterprise SONiC distibution, which feature-set gives it superior functionality that surpasses community version. Additionally, powered by Marvell Tetalynx 7, this switch offers unparalleled low latency capabilities.

As a rising new star among white switch vendors, we offers surprisingly competitive pricing. As mentioned earlier, it’s worth noting that this machine provides the most cost-effective 32*400G switch options on the market!

We warmly welcome everyone to reach out and engage with us for further inquiries!please contact

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