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48x1G RJ45 POE+@740W L3 Access Switch, 4x25Gb/10Gb SFP28 Uplinks, Enterprise SONiC Ready

  • 48 Ports 1G RJ45 POE+@740W with 4-port 25G uplinks
  • Support both PoE+ (802.3at) and PoE++ (802.3bt)
  • Rich Layer 2/3 with VXLAN & MLAG support
  • Enterprise SONiC Distribution preload
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The 48-port gigabit POE+ switch, CX204Y-48GT-M-SWP4, is equipped with 48x 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, 4x25Gb/10Gb SFP28 SFP+ ports. It supports a maximum of 48-port 30W PoE+ (802.3at), of which 8 ports can be configured as 60W PoE++ (802.3bt) for powering attached IP phones, wireless access points, or other standards-compliant PoE and PoE+ end network devices. Benefited from commercial SONiC NOS-AsterNOS, it supports a rich layer 2 and layer 3 functions, including routing functions like OSPF and BGP, virtualization functions such as VXLAN and BGP-EVPN, and other features like MLAG and IPV6 functions. In all, this access switch offers a compact and cost-effective solution for campus networks, SMBs, and enterprise networks.

48 ports gigabit POE+ switch, 48x1G RJ45 POE+@740W L3 Ethernet Switch, 4x 25Gb/10Gb SFP28 SFP+ Uplinks, Enterprise SONiC Ready, MLAG, VXLAN Support

  • 1x Fixed PSU: One fixed power supply reduces cost while offering a lower footprint
  • 2+1 Built-in Fans: Smart fans for superior cooling, reducing noise pollution
L3 POE Switch: 48 x 1G RJ45, 4x 25Gb/10Gb SFP28 Uplinks,SONiC NOS

48 x PoE+ Ports @740W Enable Network Infrastructure Simpler

  • 48 x 30W PoE+ (802.3at)
  • 8 x 60W PoE++ (802.3bt)
  • 740W POE Power Budget
IEEE 802.3af/at/bt PoE standards offer higher power equipment more network power, making equipment installations more flexible and convenient, reducing cabling and maintenance costs.

Rich L2/3 features by Installing Enterprise SONiC NOS – AsterNOS

Layer2/layer3 Features

  • Static MAC / Dynamic MAC / MAC Aging& renewal/MAC flapping detection/802.1q VLAN/Voice VLAN /802.1Q in 802.1Q/STP / MSTP/Port mirroring based RX&TX direction/LLDP
  • Static ARP / Dynamic ARP / ARP Aging & renewal/ARP Proxy/NDP/SVI/IPv4, IPv6 Dual Stack/Static Routing/OSPFv2/ OSPFv3/ BGP4 / BGP4+/ ISIS/ECMP/IGMPv1/IGMPv2 /IGMPSnooping/Multicast/VLAN/VXLAN/Virtual Routing Forwarding/GRE:IPv4 over IPv4 / IPv6 over IPv6 / IPv4 over IPv6 / IPv6 over IPv4

Comprehensive Network Security

  • Suport  802.1x authentication/MAB (MAC Address Bypass)authentication/Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI), IP Source Guard (IPSG) for IPv4/IPv6, NDSnooping,Source Address Validation Improvements (SAVI),COPP Protection,etc.
  • Supports layer2  port isolation and ACL policies in Inband and Outband directions;
  • Supports DHCP Snooping,effectively prevents DoS-/TCP- related SYN Flood, UDP Flood, Broadcast Storm or large traffic attacks on campus networks.

High Reliability and Rich QOS

  • Support Static link aggregation/MLAG/ LACP/Load balancing based on SMAC,DMAC, SIP,DIP, SPORT,DPORT /Monitor link/ BFD
  • Support Priority Mapping based on 802.1P and DSCP, Inband and Outband traffic limiting, and queue scheduling based on PQ/DWRR.

    Easy Network Maintenance

    • Support console port/inband network ports/outband network port/USB port.
    • Support ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning)
    • Support CLI (Command Line Interface), web management, Telnet and FTP connection.
    • Support SNMPv1/v2/v3, SSH2.0, SSL and OAM.

    Tech Specs


    4,5 kg


    440 × 290 × 44 mm

    Switch chip

    Marvell Prestera

    Switch Capacity

    210Gbps, 48 x 1G base-T POE+ @740W, 4 x 25GE SFP28

    Thermal Airflow

    Side to Side

    Physical Dimension

    19" 1RU

    What’s in the box

    • 1RU Switch
    • Preloaded AsterNOS
    • RJ45 serial console cable



    This model is backed by a 2 year limited hardware warranty. Multiple extended support options, including advanced replacement and 24×7 support services, are available. Contact us for complete details.


    The Asterfusion  CX204Y is backed by a 2 year limited hardware warranty. Multiple extended support options, including advanced replacement and 24×7 support services, are available. Contact us for complete details.