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P4-programmable 100Gb bare metal switch with 6.4 Tbps Intel Tofino ASIC

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  • Debian Based Environment for Development Quick Start
  • SONiC and P4runtime Support Ready
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Based on Tofino switching silicon, X564P-T is Top-of-Rack (TOR) or spine switch for high-performance data centers. With its ASIC-level programmability, it also can be deployed as smart gateway switch to flexible respond to different network scenarios.
64 x 100Gb QSFP28,6.4Tbps
Dual-redundant, load-sharing, hot-swappable PSUs
3+1 redundant, hot-swappable fan modules

64 ×100G Intel Tofino P4 -programmable Bare Metal Switch

After installing software, the X564P-T can be deployed as a spine switch as well as smart gateway for tasks such as traffic management, load balance and security processing with its ASIC level programmability enabling flexibility in dealing with different network application scenarios.

Software Choices of Barefoot Tofino P4 Programmable Switch


Enterprise NOS based on SONiC
By default,  we provide an enterprise distribution SONiC NOS with feature enhancement and quality assurance with complete code review and system testing. 


P4 application development environment
The AsterNOS Framework integrates P4Runtime into a reduced-SONiC version in a docker containers, thus developers can combine powerful management and control planes.


Community version
The community version of SONiC can be installed with the pre-loaded ONIE.

Special Discount for Academia and Research program

This model is a part of Asterfusion ‘s P4 programmable switch for Academia and Research program. Please email to us for discounted price before ordering.

Tech Specs


16,3 kg


440 × 560 × 88 mm

Switch Chip

Intel's Tofino

Switch Capacity

6.5T, 64x100G QSFP28

Physical Dimension

19" 2RU

Thermal Airflow

Port-to-Power, Power-to-Port

What’s in the box

  • RJ45 Console Cable
  • 2RU Switch Hardware


What is X-T series’ ASIC chip?

This hardware based on Intel/Barefoot Tofino 1; CX-N series on Marvell Teralynx

For the X-T series , please provide a list of what you supported ?

In the hardware bare metal, there are two options: 1. ONIE; 2. ONIE with ONL or Debian.

Please tell us whether the development environment SDK or BSP will be provided for us if we want to develop our own software to run on your X-T series?

If you want develop application for P4 data plane, then the SDE from intel would help you, we will offer you patch for BSP of platform for the SDE; if you want to develop a switch like application, you can use SONiC from community and we will offer you patches to support our hardware; We can even help you to combine P4 and SONiC together to reduce you time-to-market. We have a 30+ people team working on P4 related work and rich experience to develop varies network traffic processing applications on Tofino.

What is the cost to have the SDK license from Intel?

It depends on what kind of application are you developing, usually people can start from SONiC community version for switch enhancement, we can offer you a ready-to-run SONiC version as your development basis; or people need to develop some new applications like NPB or gateway using P4, at this time you will have get a license from Intel, usually it is a huge project when you start your development, let’s discuss in the meeting to see how we can help.


The Asterfusion X564P-T  is backed by a 2 year limited hardware warranty. Multiple extended support options, including advanced replacement and 24×7 support services, are available. Contact us for complete details.


The Asterfusion® X564P-T switch is backed by a 2 year limited hardware warranty. Multiple extended support options, including advanced replacement and 24×7 support services, are available. Contact us for complete details.