Helium EC2004

Marvell OCTEON TX2 CN9670 based 24 -core ARM64 SmartNIC
  • 24-core ARM processors SmartNIC (the highest core count on market))
  • Up to 100Gbps multi-functional service processing capability
  • DPDK, VPP, SPDK and Ubuntu support
  • Accelerating a multiple of networking, security, storage and others workload.

Asterfusion SmartNIC based on Marvell OCTEON TX CN9670 which contains 24 -core ARM processors along with multiple integrated hardware-acceleration co-processors that accelerates workloads for data center, cloud, Web2.0, security and storage scenarios.

By offloading the main CPU, it can focus on computing and applications instead of storage, security or networking function, which enables users to build high-performance programmable networks while preserving computing resources in servers.

Asterfusion SmartNIC based on Marvell Octeon TX2 CN9670 

Asterfusion SmartNIC can deployed in network, security and storage acceleration offloads

Network Acceleration

Asterfusion Helium SmartNIC supports network function accelerations such as VTEP, OVS offload, TCP offload, GRE/GTP tunnel encapsulation and decapsulation, reliable UDP, and 5G-UPF acceleration.

Security Acceleration

Asterfusion Helium SmartNIC supports security function accelerations such as IPSec, SSL, XDP/eBPF, vFW/vLB/vNAT, DPI, and DDoS defense.

Storage Acceleration

Asterfusion Helium SmartNIC supports storage function accelerations such as NVMe-oF (TCP) and data compression/decompression

Asterfusion Marvell Octeon TX CN9670 based SmartNIC Architecture & Character

Asterfusion Smartnic architecture

Software development of Marvell Octean TX2 CN9670 based SmartNIC

Asterfusion SmartNIC comes with a basic network operating system – FusionNOS, which can be used as the foundation to develop user’s upper-layer applications.

  • Through a very simple compilation process various x86-based DPDK applications and generic Linux drivers can be easily ported to Asterfusion Helium SmartNIC. 
  • DPDK, VPP, SPDK and Ubuntu Support

Value propositions

CAPEX Reduction

Asterfusion SmartNIC supports network, compute, and storage functions offload and acceleration, preserving valuable computing resources in servers and reducing the total CAPEX of data centers

Simplify Deployment Process

Asterfusion SmartNIC  support various NFV functions offload and completely isolate applications running on Smart NICs from ones running on servers.

Tech Specs


Marvell OcteonTX2 CN9670 24-core (ARM SoC)

Network Interface



16GB DDR4, 32GB DDR4 (Up to 64GB)


Debian 10.0 DPDK, Ubuntu 20.04 VPP



The Asterfusion Helium EC2004  is backed by a 2 year limited hardware warranty. Multiple extended support options, including advanced replacement and 24×7 support services, are available. Contact us for complete details.


The Asterfusion Helium EC2004  is backed by a 2 year limited hardware warranty. Multiple extended support options, including advanced replacement and 24×7 support services, are available. Contact us for complete details.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Asterfusion SmartNIC

Are Asterfusion SmarNICS P4-compatible?

Sorry no, currently  some Xilinx FPGA based cards supports P4, but our card target to support stateful network traffic processing, such as session tracking and higher layer protocol processing, so we choose DPU as the core of our card, on which you can use DPDK/VPP and C to programme. Also ,big buffer, big table needs big memory, we can provide it.

Does Asterfusion SmartNIC have drivers for OpenStack already?

We have an OVS software for SmartNIC, but we still prefer our partner to run their own OVS and openstack software on the NIC, because usually different user has different software requirement. But surely, we can help to delivery turnkey solution if end customer needs, we can provide software development for the case.

Are Asterfusion SmarNICS Support DPDK/VPP?

Yes.by using DPDK/VPP, you can implement features not only L2/L3 where P4 is suitable, but also L4~L7 where P4 is not good for.

Could you confirm what version of DPDK and what version of VPP is supported?

DPDK 19.11 &VPP 19.08

Does Asterfusion have P4 Programmable Network Cards?

We have C programmable network cards, you can use DPDK/VPP on the card.

Could you confirm if CentOS Stream 8 or CentOS Stream 9 or Redhat 8 is supported?

Yes, it could support from docker .

Could you confirm the performance for RFC2544 with the type of network traffic generator that you have used to check it?

64bytes, 33Mpps

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