Marvell OCTEON TX2 CN9670 based 48-core ARM64 open network appliance
  • Standard embedded Linux software stack with DPDK VPP will be provided.
  • DPDK applications on x86 can be easily ported to this ARM architecture
  • Used as edge routers, switches, hardware firewalls, security gateways, network monitoring ,NFV, etc.

In a 1U rack space, ET3424A is an open ARM64 network appliance which designs for enterprise applications. The CPU is the robust Marvell OCTEON TX2 CN9670 with 48-core processor. It supports a series of high-performance offload processing upgrade options, meanwhile standard Linux distribution with DPDK VPP software packages will be provided.

48-Core ARM64 Open Hardware Platform for Intelligent Networking, Security, Wireless Infrastructure and Multi-access Edge Compute

Flexible connectivity through High-density Interface

*Support Breakout Cable(1 x QSFP+ to 4 x SFP+ 1 x QSFP28+ to 4 x SFP28)

Marvell OCTEON TX2 CN9670 based ET3424A Hardware Architecture

Asterfusion DPU based on Marvell Octeon TX CN9670

Easy portability

With the general-purpose ARM multi-core processor inside the Asterfusion® ET3000A Intelligent Service Processing Unit, developers can deploy almost all network applications such as OVS, VPP and NGINX, into Asterfusion® ET3000A.

Coupled with container and virtualization technologies, Asterfusion®ET3000A can easily support the porting of the various applications running on x86-based architecture onto the ARM architecture.

FusionNOS-Framework can be used as the foundation to develop user’s upper-layer applications.

Marvell OCTEON TX2 CN9670 based ET3424A Software Development and Use Cases

Software Development

  • Fully functional development kits
  • Provide all the libraries and APIs required for network and security processing.
  • DPDK, VPP, SPDK, Debian and Ubuntu Support

Use Cases

  • Network security appliance and offloads
  • Network packet broker
  • Edge routers and switches
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI),
  • SSL/IPsec offload processing,
  • LTE/ IoT/Fog / Edge gateways
  • Next-generation firewall
  • SD-WAN

Application Scenarios

NF acceleration offload in cloud network
Asterfusion® ET3000A switch can support efficient NFV deployments. Through offloading network functions from servers, Asterfusion® ET3000A switch can alleviate the problems such as computing performance degradation and increased OAM complexity usually encountered in the traditional NFV deployment model, thus improving overall cloud network efficiency.
5G UPF application
As a key network function of 5G core network, UPF is usually deployed in virtual container format to carry out core functions like data traffic routing & processing, etc. With AsterNOS network operating system, Asterfusion® ET3000A switch can support UPF application deployment with functions such as data forwarding, traffic QOS, and PFCP session management, thus providing customers a light-weight and low-cost 5G-UPFapplication deployment platform.
NPB and acceleration processing
When running with the Asterfusion network operating system, the SoC processor inside Asterfusion® ET3212A can support advanced network NPB functions like SSL encryption and decryption, packet de-duplication, signaling correlation marking, etc,. It can offload the processing of network traffic in back-end analytical systems and meet the overall needs of system performance, power consumption and TCO.

Tech Specs


11.5 kg


440 × 560 × 44 mm


2* Marvell OCTEON TX CN9670 (24-core ARM SOC)


2*2*M.2 NVME(2280)

Physical Dimension

19" 1RU

Thermal Airflow

Port-to-Power, Power-to-Port

What’s in the box

  • 1RU Switch
  • RJ45 serial console cable



The Asterfusion ET3424  is backed by a 2 year limited hardware warranty. Multiple extended support options, including advanced replacement and 24×7 support services, are available. Contact us for complete details.


The Asterfusion ET3424A  is backed by a 2 year limited hardware warranty. Multiple extended support options, including advanced replacement and 24×7 support services, are available. Contact us for complete details.

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