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Marvell Teralynx with SONiC TOR/Spine Switch
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Exploring Asterfusion low latency data center switch from 2Tbps to 12.8Tbps

Asterfusion offers 2 Tbps -12.8 Tbps data centers’ leaf and spine switch based on Teralynx chip, it preloaded with SONiC enterprise distribution which provides users a simple, plug-and-play deployment and turnkey solution.

Why Asterfusion choose Marvell Teralynx for the leaf and spine architecture?

The only reliable silicon diversity choice from 2T- 12.8T ,with Industry-leading low Latency, leading analytics, programmability, comprehensive features.

Industry-leading low latency SONiC switch based on Marvell Teralynx, essential by distributed storage, AI applications and HPC, NVME.

Highest Scale and Radix Solutions

  • Up to 128x 100GbE, 64x 100G + 16 x 400G or 32x 400GbE.
  • Up to 12.8T switch capacity.

Leading Performance/$ and Performance/W

  • The largest on-chip buffer among similar switches, providing first-class microburst elimination.
  • Robust tunneling features with VXLAN/MPLS.
  • Powerful QoS features for RoCEv2/RDMA, easy to use with both CLI and restful API.
  • Superior to traditional chips for table sizes&ACLs required for cloud and edge.
  • Comprehensive In-band Network Telemetry (INT) function detects network failure and identifies which and why packet drop.
  • Proving a centralized SDN Controller, turning clusters of switches into a single virtual fabric.

Programmability features

  • Supporting new protocols programmability.
  • No impact on latency & throughput.

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