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64 x 800G Switch Ultra Ethernet, 51.2Tbps, Marvell Teralynx 10, For AI/ML/Cloud Data Center/HPC

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  • 51.2T switch with 64x800G OSFP or 128x400G/512x100G in 2RU.
  • World’s fastest switch with port-to-port latency under 560ns.
  • Max TDP of 2200W with 64x800G SR8 ports under full traffic load.
  • Large on chip buffer of 200+MB for better RoCE performance.
  • 10ns PTP and SyncE performance supports.
  • Open AsterNOS based on SONiC with the best SAI support.
  • Compatible with heterogeneous GPUs & SmartNICs from various vendors.
  • Line-rate programmability to support evolving UEC standards.

Asterfusion 800GbE Switch Ultra Ethernet, 64 Ports 800G OSFP ports, 51.2Tbps, Enterprise SONiC Distribution Installed, For AI/ML/Cloud Data Center/HPC/Storage Fabric

Engineered to meet the demands of training/inference, high-performance computing (HPC), and cloud computing/storage, the Asterfusion CX864E-N Open Ultra Ethernet Switch is a cutting-edge data center solution. Boasting a massive switching capacity of 51.2 T and port density of 64x800G, it supports ultra-scale data centers and delivers end-to-end performance on par with InfiniBand networks.

Compliant with UEC standards, it features comprehensive open APIs, facilitating seamless integration for data centers and HPC clusters. It is compatible with heterogeneous GPUs and network cards from various vendors as a vendor-neutral network device. With industry-leading low latency and high reliability, theAsterfusion CX864E Open Ultra Ethernet Switch is the premier choice for data centers in the AI era.


Ports64x 800G, 128x 400G, 256x 200G, 512x 100GSwitch ChipMARVELL TERALYNX 10
Switching Capacity51.2TbpsCut-through latency560ns
Packet forwarding rate 14.4Bpps of L2/L3 forwardingPacket Buffer200+ MB
CPU Intel Xeon 8-core
USB1 x USB2.0
RAM32GB SODIMMConsole1 x Console RJ45
Hot-swappable Fans4 (3+1Redundancy)Hot-swappable Power Supplies
2 (1+1Redundancy)
(WxHxD mm)
Input voltage100-240V AC
HVDC 200V~320V
Operating temperature0 to 40℃(32 to 104 °F)
Maximum power consumption2200W (with full ports of 800G-SR8)
Relative humidity10% - 90% (non-condensing)

Quality Certifications

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Software Features

Ultra Low Latency Network

  • Unmatched Speed: Featuring Marvell Teralynx10 silicon, the world’s fastest switch, with port-to-port latency under 560ns for 800GE ports. Perfect for latency-sensitive applications like AI/ML, HPC, and NVME.
  • Enhanced Performance: RDMA enables direct memory access, improving latency performance to microsecond level.

Lossless Network

  • Zero packet loss: ROCEv2 ensures microsecond-level low latency, high throughput, and near-zero packet loss, ushering in an era of AI-driven network performance and reliability.
  • Advanced Congestion Control: Benefit from rich QoS features including ECN, PFC, DCBX, QCN, DCQCN, and DCTCP for large-scale RDMA deployments.
  • Intelligent Network Telemetry (INT): Monitor packet delays, drops, and path traversal for advanced congestion control algorithms.

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High-Reliability Network

  • Robust Load Balancing and Redundancy: Up to 8192-way equal-cost multi-path (ECMP) routing.
  • Seamless Connectivity: BGP multi-homing for multiple server connections with automatic load balancing and failover.
  • Active/Active Multipathing: Multi-chassis link aggregation group (MC-LAG) for superior L2 multipathing.
  • Rapid Failover: BFD for BGP and OSPF in just 50ms.

Time-Sensitive Network

  • Precise Synchronization: Achieve 10ns PTP and SyncE performance, essential for synchronized AI parallel computing.

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Open Network

  • Open Enterprise SONiC Distribution: AsterNOS provides the best SAI support, ensuring robust and reliable performance.
  • Future-Proof: Line-rate programmability to support evolving UEC (Ultra Ethernet Consortium) standards.

Automated O&M Network

  • Effortless Operation: Integrated with Python and Ansible to support automated operations and maintenance.
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP): Automatically obtain and load deployment files, simplifying device setup.

Port Speeds64x800G, 2x10G32x400G, 2x10G64x200G, 2x10G64x100G, 2x10G32x100G, 2x10G
Hot-swappable PSUs and FANs1+1 PSUs, 3+1 FANs1+1 PSUs, 5+1 FANs1+1 PSUs, 3+1 FANs1+1PSUs, 3+1 FANs1+1 PSUs, 4+1 FANs
BGP EVPN-Multihoming

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