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Asterfusion CX-M Series SONiC based-L3 Managed PoE Switch Overview

written by Asterfuison

May 8, 2023

The Asterfusion CX-M series L2 L3 fully managed SONiC-based PoE+ switches are next-generation switches that offer strong security, high performance, and energy efficiency. This article introduces the specifications, benefits, and applications of Asterfusion’s five PoE+ switch models — the CX204Y-24GT-M-SWP2, CX204Y-48GT-M-SWP4, CX206Y-48GT-M-HWP4, and CX206Y-48GT-M-HWP8.

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The Asterfusion CX-M series PoE++ switches come equipped with Marvell Prestera switch ASIC chips which enable faster data processing and provide stable performance. CX-M series switches offer a large table entry size, wire-speed forwarding, and low power consumption, as well as supporting comprehensive L2L3 functions and rich security features. Asterfusion CX-M POE-switches have 5 models,below are the basic specifications :

Product ModelCX102S-8GT-M-SWPCX102S-16GT-M-SWPCX102S-16GT-DPU-M-SWPCX204Y-24GT-M-SWP2CX204Y-48GT-M-SWP4CX206Y-48GT-M-HWP4CX206Y-48GT-M-HWP8
PoE+ port88824484848
PoE++ port8(port 1 to 8)8(port 1 to 8)8(port 1 to 8)8(port 1 to 8)8(port 1 to 8)8(port 1 to 8)8(port 1 to 8)
PoE StandardIEEE 802.3atIEEE 802.3at/btIEEE 802.3at/btIEEE 802.3at/btIEEE 802.3at/btIEEE 802.3at/btIEEE 802.3at/bt
Switching chipMarvell PresteraMarvell PresteraMarvell PresteraMarvell PresteraMarvell PresteraMarvell PresteraMarvell Prestera
Switching capacity28Gbps36Gbps36Gbps180Gbps210Gbps210Gbps210Gbps
Forwarding rate41.6Mpps53.5Mpps53.5Mpps184.5MppS220.3MppS294.6MppS294.6MppS
Max power consumption37W (without PoE)42W (without PoE)78W (without PoE)66W (without PoE)77W (without PoE)131W (without PoE)131W (without PoE)
PoE budget150W150W150W370W740W740W1440W
Power and fan1 fixed power
module, 2 fixed fan modules
1 fixed power
module, 2 fixed fan modules
1 fixed power
module, 2 fixed fan modules
1 fixed power
module, 3 fixed fan modules
1 fixed power
module, 3 fixed fan modules
1+1 power module,
2+1 fans
1+1 power module,
2+1 fans
The Asterfusion CX-M series PoE++ switches

Rich PoE+, POE++ Power Options with 370W,740W, 1440W, powers more Devices

All POE hardware offers both 802.3at and 802.3bt standard PoE functions. The highlight of our design is that each model has 8 ports with a power budget of 60W, (POE++), and some models have a total PoE power budget of up to 740W and 1440W, making it possible to power more devices.

Not just layer 2, but Full layer 3 POE++ Open Network switch

Asterfusion is proud to be the pioneering manufacturer to install commercial SONiC NOSAsterNOS into access layer switches. At Asterfusion, we’re committed to creating a more open and adaptable campus network, including our POE model.

Our system architecture is advanced, functional, containerized, and event-driven, allowing for the swift development and customization of network services. Additionally, we provide a REST API interface that can be centrally managed and invoked by third-party applications, such as cloud management platforms. We understand the importance of traditional network engineers, which is why we offer a KLISH command line that allows them to seamlessly adapt to open networks.

SONiC Based layer3 POE++switch support MC-LAG, BGP, EVPN-VXLAN

Thanks to the advanced features of AsterNOS, our self-developed switches are full layer 3 switches with rich functionalities, which set the standard in the market for Layer 2 PoE+ switches. such as, MC-LAG and virtualization features like VXLAN, EVPN-VXLAN, BGP are also migrated from data center to our cloud campus network , which can meet the growing requirements of campus network.

Cloud-based campus network architecture simplifies management &configuration

Asterfusion CX-M POE+ switches support ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning).

For Leaf switches have the same configuration, so one profile can be used to configure all the leaf switches with ZTP.

(About Asterfusion cloud-based campus network architecture, please check the article: Asterfusion Next-Generation Campus Networks: Bye, Stacking! )

In addition,we are excited to soon release our cluster controller, which can configure management devices in batches or a single device.

Innovative Energy-saving Design for POE Switch

Our CX-M series switches are designed with energy efficiency as a top priority, reducing their environmental footprint while maximizing their performance. Our switches utilize an ARM multi-core processor as their main control chip and advanced energy-saving circuit designs and component selection that reduce overall energy consumption by 30%+. Our innovative smart fan design ensures efficient, intelligent temperature regulation based on ambient temperature, while our green Ethernet power-saving features and low-noise design minimize power consumption.

By choosing our product, you can buy a full Layer 3 open POE++ switch at the price of a Layer 2 POE+ switch. Asterfusion provides unparalleled cost performance and innovation, and our open SONiC-based POE++ campus switch is waiting for you to explore!

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