Asterfusion CX-M Series SONiC based-L3 Managed PoE+ Switch Overview

May 8, 2023

written by Asterfuison

The Asterfusion CX-M series L2 L3 fully managed SONiC-based PoE+ switches are next-generation switches that offer strong security, high performance, and energy efficiency. This article introduces the specifications, benefits, and applications of Asterfusion’s five PoE+ switch models — the CX204Y-24GT-M-SWP2, CX204Y-24GT-M-SWP4, CX204Y-48GT-M-SWP4, CX206Y-48GT-M-HWP4, and CX206Y-48GT-M-HWP8.

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The Asterfusion CX-M series PoE+ + switches come equipped with Marvell Prestera switch ASIC chips which enable faster data processing and provide stable performance. CX-M series switches offer a large table entry size, wire-speed forwarding, and low power consumption, as well as supporting comprehensive L2L3 functions and rich security features. Asterfusion CX-M POE switches have 5 models,below are the basic specifications :

The Asterfusion CX-M series PoE+ + switches model

Rich PoE+,POE++ Power Options with 370W,740W, 1440W, powers more Devices

All POE hardware offers both 802.3at and 802.3bt standard PoE functions. The highlight of our design is that each model has 8 ports with a power budget of 60W, (POE++), and some models have a total PoE power budget of up to 740W and 1440W, making it possible to power more devices.

Asterfusion POE switch model

Not just layer 2, but Full layer 3 POE++Open Network switch

Asterfusion is proud to be the pioneering manufacturer to install commercial SONiC NOSAsterNOS into access layer switches. At Asterfusion, we’re committed to creating a more open and adaptable campus network, including our POE model.

Our system architecture is advanced, functional, containerized, and event-driven, allowing for the swift development and customization of network services. Additionally, we provide a REST API interface that can be centrally managed and invoked by third-party applications, such as cloud management platforms. We understand the importance of traditional network engineers, which is why we offer a KLISH command line that allows them to seamlessly adapt to open networks.

SONiC Based layer3 POE++switch support MC- LAG,VXLAN, BGP EVPN

Thanks to the advanced features of AsterNOS, our self-developed POE switches are full layer 3 switches with rich functionalities, which set the standard in the market for Layer 2 POE switches. such as, MC-LAG and virtualization features like VXLAN, BGP EVPN are also migrated from data center to our cloud campus network , which can meet the growing requirements of campus network.

Cloud-based campus network architecture simplifies management &configuration

Asterfusion CX-M POE+ switches support ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning).

For Leaf switches have the same configuration, so one profile can be used to configure all the leaf switches with ZTP.

(About Asterfusion cloud-based campus network architecture, please check the article: Asterfusion Next-Generation Campus Networks: Bye, Stacking! )

In addition,we are excited to soon release our cluster controller, which can configure management devices in batches or a single device.

Innovative Energy-saving Design

Our CX-M series switches are designed with energy efficiency as a top priority, reducing their environmental footprint while maximizing their performance. Our switches utilize an ARM multi-core processor as their main control chip and advanced energy-saving circuit designs and component selection that reduce overall energy consumption by 30%+. Our innovative smart fan design ensures efficient, intelligent temperature regulation based on ambient temperature, while our green Ethernet power-saving features and low-noise design minimize power consumption.

By choosing our product, you can buy a full Layer 3 open POE++ switch at the price of a Layer 2 POE+ switch. Asterfusion provides unparalleled cost performance and innovation, and our open SONiC-based POE++ campus switch is waiting for you to explore!

Asterfusion Networks is the leading provider of open networking infrastructure solutions. We provide an open, disaggregated, and highly programmable network fabric for next generation data centers and campus with white-box switching. 

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