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400Gb Network Low Latency Switch With 12.8Tbps Marvell Teralynx ASIC, Enterprise SONiC distribution

  • Industry leading low latency by using Marvell Teralynx chip
  • 12.8T Leaf or Spine switch for hyperscale data centers and enterprise networks
  • End-to-end In-band Network Telemetry, Packet Mirror on Drop
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The Asterfusion CX11008-N series is high-density, open-source leaf/ spine switch which provides high-capacity, standards-based L2/L3 switching ability up to 12.8Tbps to meet tomorrow’s MSDC (Massively Scale Data Center) performance and bandwidth in 4RU form factor. It is well suited for cloud,NVME,AI and HPC latency-sensitive applications by using Marvell Teralynx chip.

CX11008-N-S 128 x 100G QSFP28
CX11008-N-E 64 x 100G QSFP28 + 16 x 400G QSFP-DD
CX11008-N-A 32 x 400G QSFP-DD
3+1 Redundant Power Supply
3+1 Redundant Fan Modules

Asterfusion CX11008-N: 12.8Tbps Low Latency Data Center Switch,Enterprise SONiC NOS,Meet the Needs of 400G Network

12.8T Data Center Switch Flexible Deployment in Multiple Scenarios

  • CX11008-N-E: 64 x 100G QSFP28 + 16 x 400G QSFP-DD, deployed as leaf switch supporting 400G/100G spine interconnects and support 10/25GbE to servers with 40/100GbE
  • CX11008-N-S :128 x 100G QSFP28,deployed as top of rack (ToR) switch supporting 10/25GbE to servers with 40/100GbE, or as a spine switch supporting 40/100GbE spine interconnects
  • CX11008-N-A:32 x 400G QSFP-DD,deployed as spine switch supporting 100 or 400 GbE leaf and spine interconnect.

Fully Open Hardware Architecture

SONiC Enterprise Distribution Operating System – AsterNOS

Astefusion SONiC NOS Support VXLan, EVPN,MCLAG,QOS, Mutiple Layer 2/3 Network Features

L2/L3 features

Support widely adopted routing protocols and  IPV4 /IPV6 protocols.


Support virtualization and overlay network functions.


Support DCB, DCBX and other advancing functions, helping data center build lossless Ethernet.

Easy Network Maintenance

WebUI, CLI, SNMP, ZTP  greatly  simplified network management and maintenance.

Ultra Low Latency (ULL)

-For latency-sensitive cloud data center applications
AsterfusionCX-N low latency switch

The Asterfusion CX11008-N offers industry-leading low latency switching capabilities as low as ~400ns in most application scenarios. Allowing it to more than satisfy the requirements of latency-sensitive applications, such as NVME, IoT,VR/AR/MR, high-frequency trading, big data analysis,ceph, machine learning and etc.

Accurate In-band Network Telemetry (INT) Support

-For Efficient, Intelligent and Resilient Data Center Networks.

The CX11008-N switch supports INT(In-band Network Telemetry) which provides accurate and comprehensive real- time network telemetry information including port interfaces, packet latency, packet queue lengths, etc. Cloud data center network administrators can leverage INT information to optimize their business applications and network operations, helping to build efficient, intelligent and highly resilient data center networks.

RDMA over Converged Ethernet (ROCE) Support

The CX11008-N switch supports RoCE v2 which allows remote direct memory access (RDMA) over an Ethernet network. It solves the delay of server-side data processing and frees up the CPU to do more important tasks, such as running applications and processing large amounts of data. It increases bandwidth and reduces latency, jitter, and CPU consumption, helping to build highly efficient and cost-effective data center networks.

ZTP (Zero-touch provisioning) & ONIE (Open Network Installation Environment)

– for automate installation and easy deployment

The Asterfusion CX11008-N switch Supports ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning), which be able to retrieve configuration files from local or remote file servers and then load the configurations into the switches automatically.

In addition, ONIE(open network install environment)is also preloaded on the switch. With ONIE,it can automatically install, upgrade and manage different versions of network operating system software. This combination of ZTP and ONIE would allow data center administrators to cut down the OAM workload and hence significantly reduce the overall operational cost.

Tech Specs

Switch Chip


Control CPU

Intel Broadwell 1508, Intel Broadwell 1527

Switch Capacity

12.8T (max)

Physical Dimension

19" 4RU

Thermal Airflow

Port-to-Power, Power-to-Port

Dimension (W*D*H in mm)

W440 x D470 x H176mm

Weight (Kg)


What’s in the box

  • RJ45 Console Cable
  • Preloaded Enterprise SONiC Distribution-AsterNOS
  • 4RU Switch



The Asterfusion CX11008-N switch is backed by a 2 year limited hardware warranty. Multiple extended support options, including advanced replacement and 24×7 support services, are available. Contact us for complete details.


The Asterfusion CX11008-N  is backed by a 2 year limited hardware warranty. Multiple extended support options, including advanced replacement and 24×7 support services, are available. Contact us for complete details.

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What are the feature that your SONiC support?
It built on top of standard Linux systems and with SONiC/SAI as its kernel is characterized by fully open structure, completely decoupled hardware and software, loosely unionized software modules, high reliability architecture, and easy functional expansion. It leverages the latest technologies such as containers and in-memory database.
Does AsterNOS can run on other vendor’s hardware?
Our SONiC based AsterNOS can perfect run on our own hardware, in theory it can run on other vendor’s Tofino based hardware, there wil be a problem on verifng the compatibility between our software and other vedor’s hardware,we can arrange a meeting call discuss specically. I strongly suggest you to use our own hardware, which supports the best software compatibility, tech support, hardware stability and of course very good cost.
l Is there any license fee or Software support fee that we need to pay for your version of SONiC?
Usually our AsterNOS runs on our own hardware (for Tofino and Teralynx), we provide either bare metal hardware, or hardware with AsterNOS, there is some amount of software cost if you choose H/W and S/W bundle, but this bundle should be more cost effective than today’s WhiteBox from one vendor and NOS from another vendor.
Does AsterNOS Suport Intel,Broadcom?
Our AsterNOS software support intel ,not Broadcom.
What is the difference SONiC and P4, and also tell us the difference of your NOS and those similar.
SONiC is used in most data center fabric as the basic OS, our software work on both innovium and marvell makes SONiC be able to run these switch chips smoothly, which is our value to help people who want to use innovated features on today’s new switch chip other than broadcom.
P4 is another approach for today’s network disaggregation, it has pretty good usability in niche markets like gateway, load balance or NPB, in these market when people also want to be part of cloud eco system, they need a way to combine P4 with SONiC, that’s what we are doing, we help people to implement these applications in SONiC way.
Is it easy for us to change and use the functions (Software) provided by Asterfusion, or to add functions related to the packet control and management function (OAM)?
It depends on your application, in general you can easily start from either SDE or SONiC to all the functions about date plane and management plane.